Felony Charges

Are you facing serious felony charges and feel like you have no way out? Are you feeling like nobody will listen to you? Are you at the end of your rope and need a felony defense attorney with the experience and aggression to pursue your rights with tenacity and skill? If you are located in Fresno or the Central Valley areas, you need to contact Fresno criminal defense attorney Miles Harris. Mr. Harris is the answer to your felony charge worries. He knows how to navigate each case with knowledge, strategy, and the mindset for success. There is no one else you should trust with your life.

Fresno Felony Defense Attorney

Though Mr. Harris tackles a gamut of felony charge cases, he is especially experienced in the following:

  • gang charges
  • gun charges
  • major drug charges
  • homicides
  • serious violent felonies.

If your felony charge falls within any of these categories, contact Mr. Harris immediately for a free 20 minute consultation. Prior to starting his practice, Attorney Miles Harris served as the Deputy District Attorney in the San Joaquin District Attorney’s Office, so he is well-versed in the dealings of criminal cases. Do not attempt to face these charges alone. Do not hesitate–consult the help of a tenacious Fresno attorney like Mr. Harris.

Contact an Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney Today

When you are charged with a felony, your life comes to a halt. Fear and worry overwhelm you because your entire livelihood is at stake. What about your family? What about your future? Do not leave your life up to chance, and do not leave it in the hands of someone inexperienced.

If you want to resolve your felony charges for the best possible outcome, you need to contact Mr. Harris. He will work tirelessly to find the right details to support your case. If you’re seeking a Fresno felony defense attorney with the persistence and attacking power to achieve a favorable court outcome, look no further than Mr. Harris.

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