Child Custody

Contentious divorce cases are never easy, for either party involved. And things get even more difficult when your children are involved. You don’t want the process to affect them negatively, and yet you still need to fight your partner for the rights to care for your child(ren). Child custody cases encompass the rights the parents have to care for the child in the event of a divorce. Many clients do not enjoy having to fight for child custody, but in combative divorce cases, it is a necessity. If you are seeking an aggressive Fresno child custody attorney or a Fresno family law attorney, you can rest assured that Miles Harris will treat your case with care and grit.

Crucial Attention to Detail

Although Mr. Harris’ practice primarily focuses on serious crimes, he also extends his services to those in a contentious divorce needing to fight a custody battle. Mr. Harris’ experience in criminal law carries over to his ability to win your child custody case because of his meticulous attention to detail such cases require. He is able to dig through the details of your case and analyze each important factor to successfully build a strategic defense for you. There is no Fresno family law or child custody attorney that gives each case the attention and aggression that Mr. Harris provides. With Mr. Harris, you can be sure no paper will go unturned and no detail will go unnoticed. You can sleep at night knowing that Mr. Harris is working tirelessly to earn you caretaking rights of your child.

Someone You Can Trust

At the end of the day, when you’re choosing a Central Valley attorney to handle your contentious divorce child custody battles, you are going to want someone you can trust. Mr. Harris takes his client relationships seriously and wants to provide the best representation possible for a successful case. Child custody is not an area that should be taken lightly, and when you choose Mr. Harris, you will be relieved to realize that he fights for you endlessly until the desired outcome is reached. If you’d like to hear how he can help, Mr. Harris offers a free consultation. Give him a call today to see how he can help you win your difficult child custody battles. You’ll be glad you did.

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