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Child Custody

Contentious divorce cases are never easy, for either party involved. And things get even more difficult when your children are involved. You don't want the process to affect them negatively, and yet you still need to fight your partner for the rights to care for your child(ren). Child custody cases encompass the rights the parents have to care for the child in the event of a divorce. Many clients do not enjoy having to fight for child custody, but in combative divorce cases, it is a necessity. If you are seeking an aggressive Fresno child custody attorney or a Fresno family law attorney, you can rest assured that Miles Harris will treat your case with care and grit.

Felony Charges

Are you facing serious felony charges and feel like you have no way out? Are you feeling like nobody will listen to you? Are you at the end of your rope and need a felony defense attorney with the experience and aggression to pursue your rights with tenacity and skill? If you are located in Fresno or the Central Valley areas, you need to contact Fresno criminal defense attorney Miles Harris. Mr. Harris is the answer to your felony charge worries. He knows how to navigate each case with knowledge, strategy, and the mindset for success. There is no one else you should trust with your life.

Gang Charges

District Attorneys’ offices throughout the state tend to overcharge criminal defendants with gang charges or enhancements. If you have certain family relationships or live in certain areas gang charges are likely to attach to your case. The District Attorney charges as many people as they can with gang enhancements or with outright gang allegations.

Gun Charges

In California, the unlawful possession of a gun can be a serious stand-alone offense. Using or possessing weapons in connection with other crimes can kick those charges up a notch and add mandatory prison time upon conviction.

Major Drug Charges

Major drug charges often stem from having over a certain amount of drugs on your person or in your home or vehicle. Even if you are not selling, when you have that certain amount, the police will attempt to charge you with drug trafficking or possession with intent to sell.


No matter what your misdemeanor charge is, you need to know that you have the right to an attorney, and you need to exercise it. For a Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney, make the right decision and speak with Mr. Harris. His experience with cases just like yours should give you some peace of mind during a time in your life that is not quite simple. He's the Fresno attorney you'll want on your side. Don't make the mistake of not exercising your right to an attorney when it comes to Fresno misdemeanor defense. You might not realize how valuable Mr. Harris' help is until you witness it firsthand. Call for your consultation today; it's free.

Serious and Violent Felonies

Serious and Violent felonies carry a heavy weight of punishment under California law. If you've been accused of a serious and/or violent crime you could be facing years in prison, a life sentence, or even the death penalty.

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